fashion is my passion

So yeah….we all have a passion…as common or superficial as it may sound fashion is mine….or actually maybe not

To be honest style is……the timelessness of it….. the very unique quality and personal expression that having your own distinctive style represents….knowing that what you wear is in fact a representation of who you are… confident one must be to decide to put on clothes because they tell the outside world how you feel and I am what I am and so be it….. I do not really care about your comments because I am strong enough …..yes I am one of those or I was…but fear not for I will be again……and this blog is going to be part of my therapy…….so yes follow me…..and I will let you in the darkest recess of my mind but also amuse you with the frivolity that sometimes obsess me and maybe who knows teach you a thing or two …for trust me this Fashionista knows about great style….and this is the only thing I am certain of now


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