A little bit of this, of that ……and some of it too maybe even at times the kitchen sink……!

How would I describe my style? But first do I have my own style? That is indeed a very valid question. I may be fooling myself but I think that my friends, most of my former colleagues and customers would agree that yes I dress rather distinctively.

The best way to describe my personal style is very eclectic a little bit ADD like me even sometimes eccentric but mostly hippie, rocker chic. I have a reputation of a bit of a trendsetter. Which is a good thing to be since I worked as a personal stylist for a while and I hope to go back to doing that soon.

I hardly ever come across clothes that I really dislike. I wear everything pants, shorts, skirts, sweaters, cardigans, shirts, blouses, simple T and tanks, dresses…any shapes, cuts, lengths, fabrics, prints or colors.

I buy vintage and new. I mix cheap and expensive, new and old all depending on the character I decide to be that day.

I love dresses particularly because they are easy and you always look put-together in a dress even in a very simple one like a sun dress. I buy vintage and new. The only styles I never owned or worn is formal and wedding gowns even though I have been married twice already. I wear fitted or loose or bias cut, mini, short, long, maxi…..

Pants are so versatile too and come in so many forms…denim, dress, skinny, straight, cropped, utilitarian, flared, wide……

Skirts can be a little trickier….but I wear them too, just not as often as dresses or pants.

I must admit I don’t do casual dressing too well and I don’t care for rules either, they are for sissies. As long as I like an item and it fits and it is flattering I’ll wear it. I tend to overdress even when it was just to take my doggie to the local dog park. I like to mix dressy and casual, if one part of my outfit is casual then I almost always dress it up with something dressier on other parts of my body and I always wear a lot of jewelry. When it comes to accessories in my case more is more. No matchy-matchy for me, I need to add something interesting and totally me to everything I wear hence why it is my personal style. I have an exuberant, free spirited, sensual personality and my clothes have to reflect that.

Shopping is my favorite sport….I can shop for hours but I have never shopped ’til I dropped I don’t think such a thing is even doable I have too much stamina in that domain …my shopping partners on the other hand have a tough time keeping up…. 😉


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