Why do I love fashion?

Someone once asked me: ” Why do you like fashion?”

well my first answer was : Why not? what is not to like about fashion?
There are so many reasons that it is hard to decide by which one to start…..

because it is ephemeral…trends come and go almost faster than you can spot them…..some things just by becoming in and mainstream become outdated…..

because it is fun….fashion is about never stopping enjoying playing dress up and staying in touch with your inner little girl…you can be whomever you choose to be for just one day…..you can even decide to travel through times by dressing with vintage clothes from any of your favorite era….

because it is pretty, almost art as in the case of Haute Couture with all its exquisite detailing

because it is sensual, it involves sight, touch, smell, hearing:
oh pleasurable to touch fabrics like silk, fur, cashmere
the swooshing sound made by clothes,
that brand new clothes smell especially cotton

because the right outfit can lift your mood and boost your self-esteem

because we all have to wear clothes, even nudist need to at some point……..


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