Autumn is my favorite season

Fall is approaching, the leaves are turning and AW fashion is arriving in stores and soon the September issues of Vogue and other fashion magazines will be on the newsagent’s shelf.
Those behemoth women’s magazines issues are not the only reason to get excited by the change of season. Discovering, studying, yes I really study and look at every article and detail in the fashion layout, and then absorbing the trends followed by trips to my favorite clothing stores: ZARA and H&M, to check the new arrivals are even more tantalizing. Fall fashion trends are always my favorites. Then comes the interpreting and the pinning for my Pinterest followers. I am hoping my Fashionista Fatale page will reach 50 followers really soon for I am sure working on and for it.

So if identifying, learning and exploring new trends is not the main reason for my favoring Fall what is….the rich, warm, rusty, golden light and colors in nature are so enchanting they make you look good and feel better. Summer is too hot and humid, winter to cold and gray and spring to rainy and chilly. In the fall the days are still plenty long and temperatures are the most tolerable it is neither too warm nor too cold perfect for wearing layers of cozy sweaters by choice not necessity to brave the harsh cold wintry wind, taking a brand new pair of boots for a swirl. The colors are also extremely flattering to most and especially my ivory complexion and chestnut hair color. Even the names of the shades and prints sound yummy and tempting: pumpkin, russet, rust, chocolate, latte, caramel, wine, Bordeaux, plum, olive, sage, emerald, slate, dove grey, charcoal and then comes the very plush fabrics, that beckon a gentle caress by the fingertips while walking near the neat displays, like velvet and corduroy, supple leather, wool, soft cashmere, tweed, fur details that feel so luxurious to the touch. That is for all these reasons that I like Fall because it is the coziest time of the year.


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