Things I am tired of

Fashion blogs and articles that are only for young, thin, rich suburbanites.
Most fashion sites are only showing clothes that are suitable for very few women and definitely not average women. And I ask why? Most women still want to dress nicely and fashionably and they can but not if they get all their information and advice from the majority of bloggers and website dedicated to fashion. They seem to only center on skinny 20-something who live in New York and have well above average income. So what about the rest of us? Aren’t we allowed to be hip while still wearing figure and age flattering clothes. I am myself in my late 30’s and thin but on the broke side. And yet I still love clothes and enjoy shopping more than the average gal but most of the time I realize than the pictures published online don’t cater to woman like me. Not everybody’s lifestyle is suited to walking around in sky-high heels and tiny clothes neither is our budget.
In my experience as a fashion expert/personal shopper most women need clothes that fit rather conservative dress codes and that are actually comfortable to wear for an 8 hour work day and very few of them are a size 2. So lucky for them there are stylists like me who understands them and are willing and truly enjoy helping them look great.

Belgian women’s way of dressing.In this country everybody scoffs about how women in the United States. Europeans are supposed to be the classier, best dressed in the world. It might still be true of the French but I doubt that extends outside Parisian Fashionistas. Yes, I momentarily live in Belgium. How they are all about comforts and how that translates into wearing sweat pants and PJ’s everywhere and all the time. But over the last 6 months I noticed most women in this country dress like 6 year-olds who escaped from a circus. The trend seems to be for ill-fitting clown pants and tops in drab colors and messy fabrics. What is it with women in this neck of the wood? your clothes are ugly and do nothing for your figures, you all look like hobo’s but not in a chic, casual California Boho way. No you seem to all have a taste for baggy pants with added layers and pleats that are too short. It makes you look fat and frumpy. And until recently I had no idea it was a desirable look to go for. Those clothes do not fit your lifestyle nor you.
There I said it.
And those ugly, comfy, thick-soled, embroidered, flat Mary-Jane’s are an eyesore too. And it also seems that personal hygiene is not a very high priority nor wearing pretty make-up that enhances your best facial features and makes you look like you but only much better. And a decent haircut wouldn’t kill them either.

Actresses, singers and celebrities giving fashion advice, and you know magazines and websites are full of them, when they themselves employ stylist to dress them for any event and when pictures of them casually running errands pop up you see that they are in fact slobs dressing worse than most of us. So whose advice are they actually passing on? Probably those from fashion magazines editors, designers and stylists.

Seasonal dressing tips that are not meant for actual weather conditions. Too many thick layers and boots for sweltering summer days, bare legs and not enough cover up for blustery, cold winter conditions. Or shorts and rain boots for a wet day, really?! What about your legs or the rest o your body, isn’t it going to get wet?

Anyway I could ramble on and on. but those were just a few things I had to get of my chest.


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