Football season kicked off 

But I don’t care, well sort off,…since it marks the unofficial start of fall. Impossible to miss the signs : pumpkin pie spice flavored everything are filling the shelves along with Halloween candies and novelties, garden centers are filled with mums, hay bales and scare crows and 2 inches thick fall fashion magazines issues are lining magazines racks, Fashion weeks all over the globe are here too. 

And finally, even here in the Deep South, the temperatures are cooler. Cool enough to bring out of storage boots, scarves and sweater. Nothing like a slight chill in the air either to make you want to go shopping and actually feel like trying on and buying the new fall arrivals. 

The start of a new school year, even for those of us way past school days, also seems a good time to take good resolutions in a less pressured way than January, which in my view makes it easier to stick to them long term. 

So yes, for all these reasons and more, even this fashionista gets excited when football season kicks off. 


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