Spring 2016 Trends I love


I wouldn’t call myself Fashionista Fatale if I were not the first one amongst my friends to adopt new trends. I always wait with much anticipation for the March (let’s not talk yet about September ) issues. They didn’t disappoint. Perusing close to 2,000 pages of Spring fashion, left me awe-struck. But I knew I could count on street style stars to get a grip on emerging trends. Now things are clear. Time to burn my hard-earned money. 

I really love cold and off-the-shoulder. It’s sexy and easy to incorporate in my mostly boho-chic closet. So off online shopping I went and bought 2 cold-shoulder tops, not that I really needed to, since I already owned a couple from last year. The quest for off-the-shoulder is still ongoing.

Of all the new denim fits and styles available, the wide leg crop with raw edge is the one I added to my jeans collection. Don’t count me in for the return of mom jeans, although I bought a pair of high-waisted embroidered boyfriend’s but it’s as far as I will tread.

Boudoir dressing is once again in. Slip dresses have been on my wish list since I first saw Kate Moss in a Calvin Klein. I found a couple of vintage slips at Goodwill that I will wear as dresses. For those who are more into pants, many designers sent pajamas inspired soft suits down the runway. Both Zara and H&M have a very cute and affordable one. I haven’t quite made up my mind to invest in one. 

I really took a fancy to the Victorian influence, maybe because I have a soft spot for queen Victoria, or simply that I find feminine flourishes like lace, bows,ruffles and floral prints pretty.

If the late 1800’s is not your thing, the ’70’s is still the decade of choice for several designers cue Alessandro Michele at Gucci. 

The lace up craze first started with ballet flats has now expanded to tops and dresses. 

Fringed everything is still in and that’s a good thing because I can keep wearing all the pieces I invested in the past 2 seasons. I don’t have to retire culottes or slip-ons either. 

Last trend, I am looking forward to wear are chunky heel mules. I lust after Mansur Gavriel’s but the pair I put on my wish list from Zara will do very nicely. 

I am passing on rose quarts and serenity (Pantone’s color of the season), I love both but they just don’t suit me unless nail polish counts. Saying no to multicolor stripes too. 

That still leaves me with quite the shopping list. See ya at the mall!


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