Denim Wardrobe

I am happy to report that my closet is not bound to eternal damnation. I love denim everything. On those days when I stare at my closet and feel like I have nothing to wear, jeans are my go-to. Yes, even personal stylist suffer from occasional fashion block. 


My favorite cut is still the skinny, in any wash,  and actually the skinnier the better because they’re the most flattering on my petite tooshie.

 You may have read that skinny jeans are not hot anymore that doesn’t mean you should get rid of them just that they are now considered a classic. Proof of that is women of any age and shape have adopted them. Need more convincing that it’s still okay to wear them? Check fashion girls on Instagram. Still worried you will look too 2015?  Undo the hem and voila, you now own a pair of the hottest and latest trend: frayed, raw hem.

 Don’t have the courage to take a pair of scissors to your beloved? Roll them up and create a wide cuff.


My second favorite are ripped Boyfriend jeans, I like them well broken in, just a step away from disintegrating since the idea of the cut is borrowed from you S.O. They’re not the greatest on flat butts, they’re awesome on curvier hips plus their looser cut means most will have to go down a size, which always gives a boost of confidence and always puts a smile on my customers.


If you’re looking for a new pair, go for high-waist and novelty details like embroidery or patchwork.

 Since a complete wardrobe can’t be just classics, on days I want to let my trendsetter side  out I pick from the 3 of the “it” styles; flares, cropped kickflare or cropped wide-leg.

Let’s not forget the iconic denim shorts and white jeans, without which summer wouldn’t be summer.

Denim is not for bottoms only, and with every fashionista still sporting the Canadian Tuxedo, jackets, shirts and even vests are  a necessity. In all honesty, I own several of each but I haven’t quite mastered the denim on denim look yet. 
As I wrote earlier, I love denim anything including shoes. For summer, I ordered from Zara a pair of jacquard denim slides, killing several birds with 1 credit card charge. Savvy old me!

Some pieces are still absent in my closet but I made it my mission to find a cute pair of overalls, a skirt (not sure exactly what length or cut but when I see It I’ll know) and a dress.   Onward fashion soldiers! Denim heaven is a place on earth!


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  1. anjage says:

    Cool post, Denim is indeed perfect answer for any clothing dilemmas,. I also use it everytime I hesitate 😀
    BTW, I love you in all cropped flares!!!
    Have a loely day!


    1. Thank you. 😘 Have a great day too!

      Liked by 1 person

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