How I Wear My Favorite LWD

I bought this white prairie dress on clearance 3 summers ago and it’s still one of my favorite probably because I get so many compliments every time I wear it! I dread the day I will have to tell it goodbye. 

Summer style is all about easy pieces that are comfortable, look polished yet keep you cool. This dress does all 3 and it’s also not horribly see through. Living Down South, I simply play up its country vibe by pairing it with Cowboy boots.

A denim shirt casually tied around the waist or worn unbuttoned with the sleeves rolled up. 

Hats are a summer must-have, they are a lifesaver on bad hair day, and in 100% humidity Southern Alabama there are plenty of those and they protect your face from the sun. 

To tie in the whole outfit, I picked jewelry with blue crystals. Turquoise pieces would veer too much into costume. 

I find that a necklace would distract from the neckline but a costume jewelry brooch subtly highlights it.

This is an outfit I can throw on without thinking. And because, I’m a rebel I will wear it well past Labor Day! 


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