Looking for peace with myself

As awesome as the body positive movement is,  I think it lacks diversity.  One way to be all inclusive is for women of every size to share their struggles and successes. 

I know this will offend many, it’s definitely not my intention, but skinny women do not necessarily love themselves. I agree that thin privileges are real as proven by studies after studies of human behavior. It’s a fact: thin, attractive, young women are treated better and more likely to get better jobs and a higher pay.  I experience it regularly.  Yet, despite fitting in the mold of Western society’s beauty standards, I struggle every day with insecurities. It’s time to shake off the notion that unless I look like a model in a magazine, I am not a valuable member of society. I’m the one who creates this irrational belief. No one as ever told me to go hide until I turn into Gisele.

I can’t pinpoint where they all stem from. Adolescence is when many started. No surprise there! 
At 42, I feel I should have outgrown them. There, I spot the first problem, the use of ‘should have’ as if it were a milestone. Therein also lies the solution!

I cannot love myself if I keep thinking the grass is greener on the other side, especially if I keep moving the fence. Comparing myself to others only brings me down. There will always be someone younger, prettier or thinner. Making a list of every positive thing requires no more effort than itemizing every single negative one. How much time am I wasting focusing on perceived flaws? Far too much! And in all honesty, I look pretty darn good for 42!

Image courtesy of http://www.sparkpeople.com

Stop letting the number on the scale set the mood for the day. Don’t forget, you are loved and appreciated for what you are not what you weigh! Otherwise instead of asking “How are you? What have you been up to?” friends would greet you with “How much you weigh today?” So what if today the needle didn’t move in the “right” direction, am I less smart, witty, caring or worthy? I don’t think so! 
Time to change my thinking! From now on, I will learn to silence the critics in my head. I will celebrate being healthy. I will focus on the good things about me. I will look at myself the way my loved ones do. I will stop equating happiness with being a size 0. No more punishing and beating myself up! 
Today, I choose to make peace with myself and so should you! 

Featured image courtesy of  The Happiness Cocktail https://thehappinesscocktail.wordpress.com


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