The Dress Style Every Fashionista Should Own

Here’s another clue: Kate Moss made it famous in the ’90s. Brownie points if you guessed: A Slip Dress! Yes, real women can wear them! In the daytime! Even if you don’t live in New York!  Their sleek elegance is flattering no matter your size or age. For those days when the temperatures are flirting with triple digits, their flowy, body-skimming silhouette will keep you cool. To make mine appropriate for work, I layered it with a classic button-down white shirt, for a more casual vibe wear a favorite tee. I could have just as easily thrown a denim or biker jacket over it. The idea is to keep the amount of bare skin low and also not to look like you accidentally left the house in your lingerie. For a day look, I recommend wearing flats (I am wearing mules) or for an extra edgy touch: sneakers. Not wanting to stop at just one trend, I tied a bandana around my neck. And after taking the obligatory selfie, headed out the door feeling like a streetstyle star. 

Grana Silk V-Neck Slip Dress $79

V-Neck Slip Dress available here


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