The Coats I Can’t Wait To Wear

Is it winter yet? For someone who lives in a part of the U.S. where we only get at best a month of chilly weather I have an unusually large coat wardrobe. At the moment , I own 12. Maybe it’s a remnant of growing up in Belgium.  It’s true that I am cold-natured and need a coat as soon as the temperatures dip below 75. I love making a statement with my outfits and I am particularly attracted to fur (faux or real) and interesting details. My collection is a balanced mix of timeless and trendy pieces. Several come from vintage, resale or thrift stores, if you’re on a tight budget, they’re a great option. 

 Regardless of where you live, having at least one good coat is a necessity and a worthy investment because chances are you will wear it for many years. 

My one advice is do not wait until it gets cold to shop for one, now is the best time because you get the most choices. 


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