Little Red Riding Hood In New Orleans 

I have an assignment for an online fashion certificate. I have to take a picture of a great visual in a store, preferably a boutique. New Orleans is the closest major city to Mobile. Yes, Nola has more to offer than bars and Hurricanes (the drinkable kind) on Bourbon street. So on Sunday my boyfriend and I drove to the Crescent City in search of cool stores. A friend who splits her time between Mobile and New Orleans suggested a store on Magazine street. The district has a website and after looking at the list of stores, it looked very promising. I didn’t find what I was looking for but discovered a beautiful neighborhood away from the tourists. 

Being Sunday,  we started with brunch at Slim Goodies Diner ( We chose it because it’s on Thrillist’s best breakfast places and it’s veggie, vegan and food allergies friendly I am a gluten and dairy intolerant pescatarian and my boyfriend is vegetarian. We were not disappointed, the food was delicious. He had a veggie, cheese omelette with a stack of pancakes and I tried the Garden Combo.

The weather was gorgeous but it turns out that temperatures in the lower 80’s are a little chilly for me and I hadn’t brought a coat. Fortunately, I found right next door the cutest little red cape. 

We spent the afternoon walking around and shopping. We found several nice vintage stores, he collects die cast cars and I am into vintage clothes and costume jewelry.  


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