Hard Candy Color Correct Radiant Primer Review 

 I have to confess that I never used primers much. None of the products I tried ever really impressed me enough to start adding them to my makeup routine. I like a fairly natural face, I use pigment drops mixed in with a serum, a touch of blush, a couple of swipes of mascara and lipstick. Some days, I tight line my eyes with black pencil.  You can thus imagine that I don’t contour or strobe. 

Now for some reason, I am into a small amount of color correcting. I have permanent dark circles, thanks to allergies and a pale skin, that are hard to cover. And the ‘I have an inch thick layer of concealer’ is not my thing, it definitely doesn’t look pretty in real life. 

From reading about color correcting, I knew that  I needed a peach tint. I am on a budget and I don’t like to try something new with expensive products unless reviews are unanimous. On my latest trip to Walmart, I spotted  from Hard Candy with their new limited edition collection of color correcting lines. I love Hard Candy, they’re very wallet friendly and the products really work. The line has yellow, lavender, green, peach and orange shades that come in 3 formulation:primer, pencil and concealer. The display and packagings gives you all the information to help you choose the right color and how to use them. 

I bought the peach radiant primer and I have been using it for almost a week now.

The directions are to apply the primer to the whole face after a moisturizer and to let it dry before using foundation but I find that mixing my moisturizer, pigment drops and the primer works best.

 I have 2 cons, the fragrance is a little strong and it feels a little drying. Now the last one is probably why it lasts so long and keeps my makeup looking fresh despite walking to work and back in the Southern Alabama heat and humidity. I would definitely say that the radiant part is true too. It does give my very fair complexion a nice, natural hint of a healthy tan. 

I definitely recommend you give it a try if you want to give color correcting and primers a go. You’ll be getting your $5 worth. Hard Candy is available at Walmart and Amazon. 


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